Rembrandt Flyby, parts I&II
How many times did I run, in the heat of the moment, past a Rembrandt, having just enough concentration to look at the label and the curatorial blurb, thus checkmarking my visit to the masterpiece...

Ultrasonic sensors were installed in a gallery detecting presense of visitors in the vicinity of the exhibited artworks. Arduino microcontrolers were programmed to calculate total number of visitors, measure time each visitor spends in front of an artwork, and calculate average time a 'visit' lasts. Each artwork was linked to a pair of (hand-built) LED displays installed in the gallery windows. Each pair of displays showed the total number of visitors the corresponding artwork received, and the average viewing time.

...uhm, do I2C-bus, rangefinders, PIR sensors mean anything to you?

Rembrandt Flyby, ensors, led display and Arduino controller
Rembrandt Flyby installation, LED displays
arduino sketch excerpt for Rembrandt Flyby
arduino sketch excerpt for Rembrandt Flyby