untitled (White NIghts)
2-channel video and audio recordings, St. Petersburg, Russia
mostly memories
I've crossed the Bronx
project for The Work Office
I've even been to Throgs Neck
A Road to Shuri-jo
Mikhail Iliatov graphic design architecture posters Architektuur
Installation at Soapbox Gallery, Brooklyn
You can't see the mosque
animated logo for the upcoming video 'You can't see the mosque'
You can't see the mosque, video / TV special for BRIC / BCAT
Artists' Stamps
Mikhail Iliatov, artist's stamps for The Book of Stamps published by Cabinet magazine, Brooklyn, NY
The book of stamps, published by Cabinet magazine
(work in progress)
self-addressed, stamped postcard
87 rooftop signs of Japanese taxicabs, a book of drawings
Beethoven (I love to listen to)
photo + sound
Improvisations for Open Studios
Linking the Park to a Story
of First Love
site-specific installation at Lafayette Park, San Francisco; part of Open Skies project
Installation of a poem in Lafayette Park, San Francisco during Open Skies Art Festival
(work in progress)
work in progress inspired by the novel Cryptonimicon by Neil Stephenson
A project inspired by Cryptonomicon,
a novel y Neil Stephenson
Rembrandt Flyby, Parts I&II
interactive installation at Mixed Greens Gallery, New York, NY
Installation at Mixed Greens Gallery, New York
Sans Titre (Untitled)
flip book based on video inspired by the Lumiere brothers' film
A flip book
7 Views of Katakura-cho
installation '7 views of Katakura-cho,' field recordings on audio tapes, fm radio transmission
Installation at Abrons Art Center,
Lower East Side, New York
Signs of Surveillance
Mikhail Iliatov, OASE Architectural Journal, typography graphic design
Installation for Test Patterns, outdoor project organized by Artscape Baltimore
Small significant things
self-addressed, stamped postcard
Self-addressed stamped postcard